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If you live in an area like me where the weather is cold almost for the entire year, then this sleeping bag chair can be a good option to have in your house. The Sleeping Bag Chair consists of a detachable/washable blanket that can easily be zipped around to keep you cozy while watching a TV or reading a book. The comfortable lounge chair is designed by Les M.





Single Hand Cook

It’s easy for us folks to work in the kitchen, simply coz we have two hands. Fracture, permanent disability, paralysis to one side…such situations don’t discriminate and make doing regular stuff like cutting apples, peeling oranges, slicing veggies, buttering a toast; a challenge. The One-Hand Kitchen Equipment is designed for people who use can use only one hand, and the beauty of the products (7 in all) is that both lefties and righties can use it with ease.

This is specialized kitchen equipment includes one- handed food cutting equipment, one- handed different diameter tubes opener, one- handed fruits and vegetables cutting and peeling equipment, one – hand changeable graters, food box, equipment for peeling eggshells, elements for stabilizing foods like bread (while buttering etc.). The design includes pins for gripping the fruits and non-slip rubbers to add stability. The brown color pieces are the moving parts in the system.

I really like the well thought out process for various food items. While preparation is only one half of the battle, cooking and cleaning up afterward is another.



Pencil Flat

Pencil modification number one billion! It only makes sense that one of the longest lasting and most popular tools ever created by humankind would be the subject of such a giant amount of conceptual revisions. This one right here’s flat. More like it comes to a point. Not the one where you write out of, but along the whole stick. Makes it nicer to hold, they say, makes it harder to roll, they say.

Designer Sang-hoon Lee is responsible for this particular revision of the writing stick. Pen-Sally is what my highschool art teacher would’ve called it. Sang-hoon Lee calls this one the “Edge Pencil.”

See what you make of it.


POETREE funeral urn

POETREE funeral urn is the physical manifestation of emotional stages of grief. It evolves over time as a companion through the stages of mourning. The ashes of our loved one will be placed in the urn and then covered with soil. We can take the urn home and plant a tree in it.

When the tree is big enough, it’s time for you to plant the urn in a park or a garden. Since the urn is made of biodegradable material and ceramic, in the end, the only things left would be the tree and the ceramic on top, just like a gravestone. Carrie Russel, a Senior Design Manager at Proctor and Gamble said that POETREE funeral urn concept is a simple and elegant physical manifestation of where emotional intelligence meet not only a poetic idea, but powerful one that touches the soul of the human condition. We couldn’t agree more….



Strangle Poise Lamp from the Red Goods collection

James Chambers (British, born 1983) Design Interactions Department (est. 1989) Royal College of Art (UK, est. 1837)

In response to research connecting exposure to violence in the media with the urge to commit violent acts, James Chambers designed a line of speculative products that allow users to act out aggressive inclinations by hurting objects designed for the purpose. The Strangle Poise Lamp (a clever play on Anglepoise, the classic British desk lamp designed by George Carwardine in the 1930s) is turned off by being strangled, a safer way, according to the designer, to “live out the fantasy” that begins with watching violent films.


Roly Poly

Design Incubation Centre (est. 2006) National University of Singapore (Singapore, est. 1980)

These egg-like objects are designed so that two people can sense each other’s presence and movements even when physically separated. Roly Polys come in pairs, each object mirroring the other’s movements and creating a simultaneous reaction. If one Roly Poly is gently tapped, for example, the corresponding object will move to the same degree, even if located across the world. In this way, the objects offer a “spontaneous and subtle mode of instant communication.”