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poor little trees


ADA – analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture

“is a post-industrial “creature”, visitor animated, creatively acting artist-sculpture, self-forming artwork, resembling a molecular hybrid”

Dave Cole is an awesome artist who lives in Providence. As part of a show of his work at Mass MOCA, he spent the 4th of July weekend knitting an American Flag in the museum courtyard. Sounds pretty normal, until you find out that the knitting needles he used where two giant telephone poles…and that the knitting was being done by two excavating machines. One of my favorite things about this show was how the knitting machine brought a whole new crowd into the gallery. Word had spread through the knitting community, and a lot of the knitters who came to see their craft performed on a mega scale were not people who usually made trips to contemporary art museums.

(video by Jack Criddle)

Here’s a link to Dave Cole’s website. Check out his stuff–it’s wonderful.

Oh…and here’s a music box he made:

Tara Donovan really knows how to use an exhibition space. She uses massive quantities of common materials, like styrofoam cups, drinking straws, scotch tape, and toothpicks to create this amazing installations that take over and transform a space.

And this one is a wall of drinking straws all stacked up in a row:

And here is an outdoor installation made from tarpaper:

Here is a link to her Gallery Site

If you live in an area like me where the weather is cold almost for the entire year, then this sleeping bag chair can be a good option to have in your house. The Sleeping Bag Chair consists of a detachable/washable blanket that can easily be zipped around to keep you cozy while watching a TV or reading a book. The comfortable lounge chair is designed by Les M.



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